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Part of our name change was to try and tell customers how much more we do than just oils for classic cars.

As we expand our Penrite range to provide for more and more vehicles on the road, part of our consideration is how we can do so in a genuinely clean and green way.  This is the same approach that led to us installing The UK’s first renewable petrol pump on-site at Bicester Heritage.

Now, this range has extended to Penrite’s Enviro+ Boxes.

These 20l bag-in-a-box products are outstanding oils in their own right, designed for low emission modern petrol or diesel engines and are OEM products for multiple manufacturers already.  These Enviro+ Boxes could be the solution to those with fleets of vehicles, or those seeing high demand for oils who don’t like the inconvenience of a 20 litre drum.

The convenience for users is just as high as that of a normal 20 litre tap drum, but with the bonus of being easy to dispose of afterwards.  These boxes are easily folded down and recycled thanks to the unwaxed cardboard design.



If these enviro+ boxes sound like the product for you, check out the full range here.