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As the festive season approaches, we at Motor Spirit are filled with gratitude for the support and partnership we’ve received form all our customers throughout the year.

In the spirit of the holidays, we look forward to cherishing time with loved ones and taking a well-deserved break to rejuvenate. Therefore, we would like to inform you that Motor Spirit will be closed for Christmas on from the 22nd December with our staff returning on the 2nd January.

From here, we’ll be preparing for the January’s Scramble at Bicester Heritage taking place on Sunday the 7th


Closure dates

December 23rd – Closed

December 24th – Closed – Christmas Eve

December 25th – Closed Christmas Day

December 26th – Closed

December 27th – Closed

December 28th – Closed

December 29th – Closed

December 30th – Closed

December 31st – Closed – New Year’s Eve

January 1st – Closed New Year’s Day

January 2nd – Open – Back to business as usual


During this period, our offices will be closed, and our team will be taking the time to celebrate with family and friends, embracing the joy and warmth that this festive season brings.  We hope that everyone can enjoy this period, however they spend it.

Regular business operations will resume on January 2nd, and we will respond to any non-urgent matters as soon as possible upon our return.

The UK’s first publicly available sustainable petrol will go on sale today (13th June), designed specifically for classic vehicles.

The SUSTAIN Classic range will allow motorists to fuel their vintage vehicles with plant-based petrol, without any modifications to their engines, with three types of fuel initially available. Developed by fuel specialist Coryton, the fuel with the highest sustainable content promises a reduction of at least 65% in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to fossil fuels.

The pioneering products use advanced second-generation biofuel manufactured from agricultural waste, such as straw, by-products or waste from crops which wouldn’t be used for consumption. By doing so, the fuel utilises the carbon that already exists in our atmosphere, which the plants absorb as they grow, recycling it, rather than releasing additional CO2 that is currently locked underground in fossil fuel.

With an octane number >98 and bio-ethanol content of <1%, SUSTAIN Classic has been technically tailored for classic vehicles, although it can be used on any vehicle which runs on standard forecourt petrol. It’s also formulated with a premium additive package included, which stabilises and extends the life of the fuel and helps clean and protect the engines.

Priced from £3.80 per litre, Sustain Classic will be available from distributor Motor Spirit at Bicester Heritage from 13th June, with more stockists launching across the UK in the coming months. There are currently three variants of the drop-in replacement fuel available. All are suitable for all year-round use.

  • Super 80
    • Created with 80% renewable content.
    • Delivers a GHG saving of more than 65%, compared to fossil fuels.
    • 98RON (Super Unleaded) EN228 Compliant.
    • Multifunctional deposit control additive package reduces existing deposits and maintains engine cleanliness and performance with regular use.
  • Super 33
    • Created with 33% sustainable content.
    • Delivers a GHG saving of more than 25%, compared to fossil fuels.
    • 98RON (Super Unleaded) EN228 Compliant.
    • Multifunctional deposit control additive package reduces existing deposits and maintains engine cleanliness and performance with regular use.
  • Racing 50
    • High performance sustainable petrol ideal for performance and racing use in vehicles that require a higher-octane fuel.
    • Created with 50% renewable content.
    • Delivers a GHG saving of more than 35%, compared to fossil fuels.
    • 102RON, for high octane applications, EN228 Compliant.
    • Premium deposit control additives reduce existing deposits and maintain engine cleanliness and performance with regular use.

The fuels range from 33% sustainable content to 80%. David Richardson, Business Development Director
at Coryton explains why: “Every kilogram of CO2 we avoid adding to our atmosphere, by replacing fossil
fuel with sustainable fuel, is a win. We don’t instantly have to go for the full switch to start making a
genuine impact. As more feedstocks become available, these fuels will start to contain even higher
levels of traceable sustainable elements. However, we want to keep things as affordable as possible for
consumers and be open about what’s actually achievable at the moment.

“The availability of true fossil free fuel components is limited. So, we’re setting truthful and realistic
goals, producing fuels that have a meaningful impact whilst meeting the demands of the user. While we
could use ‘mass balancing’ techniques to certify this fuel as 100%, we believe that it is important to be
open about technology readiness and traceability. The industry will get there with the right support –
which is why we think it’s important to start getting these products into the hands of consumers so they
can see how easy and effective the switch could be.”

Certified by Coryton’s fully accredited laboratory, and under ISCC sustainable protocols, SUSTAIN Classic
has delivered an excellent performance both in testing centres and on the track.

At the recent Rally for The Ages event held at Bicester Heritage, over 70 cars used the Super 80 fuel to
complete the course. It will also be available to those participating in the upcoming Flywheel 2023

Guy Lachlan heads up Motor Spirit at Bicester Heritage, which will be one of the distributors of SUSTAIN
Classic. He said: “We’re very excited to be the launch partner for Coryton’s SUSTAIN Classic fuel. It is
vital for the future of Classic Cars and Motorcycles that environmentally-friendly liquid fuels are
commercially available, and Motor Spirit’s facility at Bicester Heritage is the perfect location to start an
environmental revolution! SUSTAIN Classic represents the best available combination of usability,
sustainability and quality: exactly in line with Motor Spirit’s ethos.”

Andrew Willson, CEO at Coryton, said: “We believe that SUSTAIN Classic is the world’s first ever
sustainable fuel catering for classic vehicles, providing a credible and convenient way to run vintage
vehicles without the need for fossil fuels. It’s fully certified, tested, and developed right here in the UK at
our world-class blending facility.

“It’s estimated that there are almost half a million classic cars in the UK, each one with its own unique
purpose, build and history. By creating a collection of second-generation biofuels that are compatible
with their needs, as well as those of other vintage vehicles, we hope to provide these much-loved
motors with a more sustainable future and preserve them for years to come.”

SUSTAIN Classic is the second specialist fuel from Coryton’s SUSTAIN range. In 2022 SUSTAIN Racing was
launched, taking the motorsport sector by storm and claiming titles in events such as the Dakar Rally.

Those who wish to purchase Coryton’s Sustain range can find their product pages here.

As of January 1st 2023 Classic Oils will trade as Motorspirit.  Still with the same staff, location and expertise, the re-brand stems from a necessity to better describe business we do. While we still supply lubricants and additives for vintage and classic cars, we have more and more people racing our Gulf race fuels. So we thought a change was necessary to better encapsulate our new customers.
The term motor spirit is an antiquated term for petrol and was used in the UK up until the 1930s. But we also want a name that reflects a community – all of us sharing in this Motoring Spirit.