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Motor Oil Analysis Programme

Our Insight programme offers laboratory analysis of  your motor oil to assess engine health and predict component failure. The scheme ensures that the levels of over 20 contaminants, additives, and metals present in engine oil are measured at every oil change.  The results are plotted on a graph, which over time will indicate areas of concern before they risk causing secondary damage.

Areas reported on include:

  • Viscosity: How degraded is your oil?
  • Copper, tin and lead: Indicative of plain bearing failure
  • Glycol: Reveals Cylinder Head leaks before ‘mayonnaise’ emulsification becomes visible
  • Iron: Drive gears, bore wear
  • Aluminium: Piston wear
  • Silicon: Shows problems with the air filter
  • Fuel/soot: Is poor mixture control harming oil life?

The service is offered in hand with selected purchases of oil, so the package price includes 5 or 10 litres of engine oil, a sample bottle, prepaid postage to the laboratory, individual results analysis and storage of the results.

Analysis records will be kept for every car in the programme, and are even transferrable to new owners. The longer a car is on the programme, the more useful the data becomes, as it is trend data that is most important.

The scheme is useful if you choose to sell your Classic, because a history file including evidence of consistent oil analyses, could provide buyers with a really good level of confidence about the car’s engine.

Insight Motor Oil Analysis Products

Insight Motor Oil Analysis Programme