8-Year Blue Coolant & Antifreeze


8-Year Blue Coolant & Antifreeze Premix with OAT Technology, suitable for classic and modern vehicles (5 litre)

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Penrite 8-Year Blue Coolant & Antifreeze Premix (formerly 7-Year Blue) is an Ethylene-Glycol based Coolant with advanced Organic Additive Technology (OAT) based inhibitor that is Silicate, Phosphate, Amine, Borate and Nitrite free. The extended long life formulation prevents rust, corrosion, cavitation and degradation of the cooling system.

Suitable for Classic and Modern vehicles, but not for Vintage cars as the OAT chemistry has been found to be damaging in older vehicles.

This coolant provides long term protection against rust and corrosion for all material used in the engine and in cooling systems. It protects Cast Iron, Aluminium, Copper and Solder Alloys as well as Hoses, Seals and Plastics which may be used in the cooling system.
It is particularly effective in all Cast Aluminium engines that are under load or used in extreme hot and cold climates.

Freezing Point   -38°C
Boiling Point   +109°C

This is premixed 50% with Penrite De-Mineralised Water, and is ready to use directly from the container. No further dilution is required, and is safe to mix with compatible Type A Coolants.

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