Classic Oils Cross Country EP20W-50 GL4


A universal oil for Land Rover Series 1, 2 and 3 engines, gearboxes and diffs (25 litre)


Ever since the SAE classification of oil was developed in 1926, there have been two parallel scales for engines and gearboxes, which means that oils of similar viscosities are classified very differently even though they have similar dynamic properties. For example, an SAE90 gear oil in viscosity terms is very close to an SAE 50 engine oil.

When Fuzz and Tim restored a Series 2 Land Rover at the beginning of Series 7 of Car SOS, they asked if we could develop an oil that would save Land Rover owners buying multiple different types of oil for the various drivetrain components requiring lubrication. As a result, we have developed a single oil incorporating the best combination of additives to enable engines, gearboxes and diffs to operate smoothly with minimal wear.

Cross-Country is a premium mineral, high zinc, SAE 20W-50, suitable for classic Land Rover engine and transmission applications.  It has been designed to provide an excellent combination of engine protection, smooth gear shifts and long life. The GL4 rating ensures that the oil does not break down in the differential, and this ensures consistent performance for the life of the oil. 

Cross Country contains a high zinc anti-wear package for ultimate engine wear protection combined with premium quality base oils and additives that exceed original manufacturers specifications for these vehicles.

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