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Faher Anti-Friction HD is an oil based anti-friction treatment compatible with all types of transmission lubricants, which use the oil as a carrier to treat metal components.  When the product makes contact with microporous metal it creates a 5 micron thick film giving an effective protection against wear with amazing results.


  • Improves anti-friction by up to 90% prolonging engine life
  • Reduces excess consumption, temperature and noise
  • Great detergent properties, protecting against corrosion
  • Prolongs the life of machines, motors, pumps, etc.
  • Improves cold start
  • More MPG which can be further enhanced when used in conjunction with the appropriate fuel treatment

Suitable for all kind of engines (From the run in period)

Treat Rates:

Converters, hydraulics systems
1 to 2% every oil change (10 ml to 20 ml per 1 litre of oil)

Four stroke engines

3% every other oil change (30ml per 1 litre of oil)

AC compressors

Gearboxes, reducers, multipliers, differentials groups, greases, power steering, headstocks, screw compressors, gears, guides gears, bearings:

5% (50 ml per 1 litre of oil) Automatic gearboxes 2% (20ml per per litre of oil)


2 Stroke Engines
2% (20ml per litre) each time oil is replenished

4 Stroke Engines DRY clutch
3% (30ml per litre) every other oil change

4 Stroke Engines WET clutch
2% (20ml per litre) every oil change

Usage Instructions
We recommend dosing the Faher HD Additive in a cold engine, then taking your vehicle for a drive so the treatment works round the system.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

60ml, 200ml, 1 litre


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