Faher Synthetic Anti-Friction 2-Stroke Oil


100% synthetic 2-stroke oil with anti-friction treatment (1litre)

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Faher Synthetic Anti-Friction 2-Stroke Oil is 100% synthetic and offers complete engine protection, including valves and piston rings in high revving engines.

It is compatible with all types of petrol and can be used both in manually lubricated and injection pump lubricated (auto lube) 2 stroke engines.

Faher Synthetic Anti-Friction 2-Stroke Oil exceeds the API TC and JSO FC Standards.


  • Reduces the build-up of carbon to spark plugs and piston rings
  • High detergent capabilities
  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces engine noise and smoke emissions, helping to prevent pollution

Treat Rate:
Recommended dose for manual lubrication systems:
1% to 4%


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Weight 1.1 kg


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