General Purpose Fluid Dispenser


Great for filling gearboxes and differentials (1 litre capacity)

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A General Purpose Fluid Dispenser with a multitude of applications. Designed to pump out small amounts of fluid easily, cleanly and safely. Suitable for a wide variety of liquids such as oils, non-corrosive solvents, degreasers, detergents, ATF, brake fluid, kerosene, water.

Typical applications: topping up difficult to access apertures, controlled re-filling of small amounts of fluid, controlled dispensing on to cleaning cloths & brushes, etc.

Ideal for differential and gearbox filling.

  • 1 litre capacity
  • Polyethylene container
  • Aluminium & nylon pump
  • Nitrile seal

These dispensers sometimes contain small amounts of oil residue; this is from testing at the manufacturer, and is not a cause for concern. 

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