Gulf Race Fuels Rally 102


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Race Fuel specially formulated for use in International Rally Competitions. 102 Octane, and meet stringent FIA certifications and appendix J compliance. (50 Litres) Price includes all taxes and fuel duty.

Gulf Rally 102 is specially designed to stand up to some of the most demanding conditions that international rally has to offer.

This uniquely formulated fuel helps to provide increases in power and performance for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines.

Furthermore, the fuels meets the most stringent of requirements such as FIA certification and appendix J compliance, allowing it to be used throughout all rally disciplines.

Available in 50 Litre Gulf liveried drums as shown.

Characteristics Gulf Rally 102
Type Unleaded
Research Octane
Motor Octane Number 88.7
Dry Vapour
Pressure Equivalent
Oxygen Content 3.56% (m/m)
Specific Gravity 0.772

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Available in pallet quantities.

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