Hobbyweld 15 (85% Argon MIG mix)


For good quality MIG welds on thicker section steel. No bottle rental (9 litre)

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Hobbyweld gases are ideal for people who do not weld every week of the year, and therefore are reluctant to pay rental on a gas cylinder they are only going to use occasionally.  Equally, disposable welding cartridges are very expensive in relation to a refillable cylinder. The simple solution?

A Rental Free Welding Gas Cylinder!

Hobbyweld supplies a range of professional shielding gas mixes in refillable cylinders giving you an excellent weld, with a straightforward refundable deposit. When you need a refill, just come back and swap the bottle for  full one, and when you don’t need it any more, bring the bottle back for a full return of your deposit.  It couldn’t be easier!

Hobbyweld 15 is a specific blend of 83% Argon, 15% Carbon Dioxide and 2% Oxygen.  Great for MIG welding of steel between 5mm and 12mm thick, the wide operating range makes Hobbyweld 15 a good all round choice for general fabrication. Easy to use with low distortion, porosity and oxidation potential, providing a sound weld at minimum cost. Overall a great choice for heavier duty MIG welding work.


  • Ideal for welding steel between 5mm and 12mm thick, good penetrating and fusion profile
  • Easy to use, providing a sound weld at minimum cost
  • Low distortion
  • Low porosity and low oxidation potentialWide operating range making it a good all round choice for general fabrication

Cylinder Gas Pressure – 137 bar (circa 2000psi) at 15°C
Gas Capacity – 1.34m3 average (9 litre water capacity)

Height – 840mm
Diameter – 140mm
*Cylinder weights and dimensions may vary slightly – contents remain balanced*

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Hobbyweld 15 MIG mix, Hobbyweld bottle deposit


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