Max Adventure Tyre Sealant


Max Adventure Vintage and Classic Tyre Sealant prevents slow leaks and bead leaks, reduces the effect of blowouts, and permanently seals punctures up to 1 inch (25mm) in tubed and tubeless tyres. (1 Litre)

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Max Adventure Vintage and Classic Tyre Sealant, the best expedition grade puncture protection fluid aimed at the Vintage and Classic market, prevents slow leaks and bead leaks, reduces the effect of blowouts and seals punctures up to 1 inch (25 cm).
95% effective in tubeless tyres and unusually 75% effective with tubed tyres.

The sealant is non-corrosive, and permanent for the life of the tyre, it is easily applied through the valve, and a single bottle treats most classic vehicles.
Wheels should be balanced before the fluid is applied, and when the time comes to replace the tyre, the sealant is simply wiped from the wheel rim with a damp cloth.
Trailer and tow vehicles can also be treated with the sealant just as easily.

Do Not use with other sealants or inflators,
Do not exceed the recommended quantities,
May cause skin and eye irritation, In case of contact, wash with water,
This is a flat tyre preventative, not a tyre inflator,
Not Compatible with Internal Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.


  1. Position Tyre Valve at bottom half of the Tyre,
  2. Remove Valve Core with correct tool and Deflate Tyre,
  3. Attach Supplied Hose to the Tyre Valve Stem and Squeeze recommended amount of Sealant into the Tyre,
  4. Replace Valve Core, and reinflate to manufacturers specification,
  5. Wipe Valve Clean with a damp cloth.

To Deflate Tyre, position valve at bottom half of the tyre and depress core, blow air back into tyre to free any blockages.

Application Guide for One Tyre

Car: 250ml (up to 2 tons) Car: 375ml (over 2 tons)
Large 4X4: 500ml Trailer: 500ml
Van: 375ml Truck: 1500ml


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