Millers Classic Preservation Oil


Dual purpose preservation oil for storage and limited running (5 litre)


Millers Classic Preservation Oil (mineral oil) is a dual purpose preservation oil for storage and limited running of petrol or diesel engines. Highly refined mineral base oil with additional additive system to provide rust protection.
SAE: 20W-50

Use to provide storage protection of mechanical parts. Primarily for engines, but can be used for transmissions. Suitable for vintage, classic, motor sport or industrial applications.Apply in the same way as a normal oil change:

  • Run engine to warm existing oil
  • Drain oil and change filter
  • Refill with Classic Preservation Oil and run for 10-15 minutes.

Provides projected storage life of 3 years if oil is circulated every 6 months. Allows occasional use for up to 2000 miles, but this reduces storage life. When engine is required for service, run engine to warm oil and drain without changing oil filter. Refill with correct Millers Oil for continual use. Suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

User Benefits
  • Vapour phase inhibitors provide anti-rust performance on working surfaces. Resistance to ‘run-off’ during lay-up.
  • Can be used and run in gearboxes requiring an engine oil. Can be used for storage only in Hypoid final drives.
  • Vehicles can be driven for up to 2000 gentle road miles.
  • Utilises additive chemistry equivalent to API SJ/CC and incorporates additional performance to ensure significantly improved rust and corrosion protection.

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Weight 5 kg


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