Millers Liquid Glaze Bust


Running-in oil specifically intended to restart arrested bedding in of rebuilt engines when the normal process has failed (5 litre)


Millers Liquid Glaze Bust is an SAE20 mineral oil with special additives, which may restart the arrested bedding-in of rebuilt engines, where normal running in has failed.

Liquid Glaze Bust provides wear protection to the valve train and engine bearings while at the same time enabling the piston rings and cylinder bores to commence their correct running-in mode.

Liquid Glaze Bust is used in situ saving time and money on an expensive strip down and rebuild.

WARNING: This product must not be used in the engine for more than 200 miles.
Experience has shown that varying engine speeds around the peak torque condition are best, with the engine under load but not labouring excessively.
While every endeavour has been made to rectify running-in problems, Millers cannot accept responsibility for failure to rectify earlier problems.

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Weight 5 kg


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