Millers Solform Gel


An oil-free, water based, tube bending gel (15 kilos)

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Millers Solform Gel is an oil-free, water based, tube bending gel, designed as an alternative to conventional oil and soap based lubricants.  Whereas the degreasing process with traditional tube-bending lubricants is time-consuming and messy, Solform eliminates the need to degrease the component before welding.

Solform Gel thickens under temperature, reducing the amount of lubricant required, improving mandrel life, reducing scrap and helping to reduce overall costs.  The advanced formulation also creates a better surface finish, meaning a better quality product just by simply changing lubricant.  Oil based forming lubricants can leave a residue on components that can produce noxious gases when welded through, in contrast, Solform Gel minimises these fumes.

Millers Oils’ Solform Gel was originally developed for exhaust manufacturers, who had to degrease the thin-walled tube before welding to another component such as a catalytic converter or silencer, but can be utilised in many classic car restoration projects.

User Benefits

  • The gel formulation thickens under temperature meaning less product is required whilst providing improved mandrel tool life and less scrap giving significant cost savings
  • The oil free formulation is non-drip providing a clean working environment.

Solfrom can be applied via the mandrel lubrication system or hand applied direct to the mandrel.

Note: If prolonged contact with paintwork is unavoidable then equipment should be painted with epoxy or other alkaline resistant paint.

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