Morris Air Force 4000


An ISO VG46 Compressor oil designed to last 4000 hours between changes (5 litre)

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Morris Air Force 4000 compressor oil is a specially formulated ‘4000 hour’ fluid developed to meet the needs of rotary screw compressors, ensuring long, trouble-free compressor life.

  • Exceptional anti-wear performance for long compressor life.
  • Minimal oil carryover for improved separator life.
  • Corrosion inhibited, high stability formula.
  • Enhanced water separating properties.
  • Excellent compatibility with most downstream equipment.

AIR FORCE 4000 fluids will retain their performance characteristics throughout a 4000 hour design life, providing bulk oil temperature does not exceed 90°C and a maximum ambient temperature does not exceed 35°C. If either of these temperatures is exceeded, more frequent oil changes will be required.

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