Morris Classic Marine 10w/40


A specific lubricant for use in canal boat engines, including where a 15w/40 is specified (5 litre)


Morris Classic Marine 10W/40 is specifically designed for older canal and other constant speed engines.  The additive level has been chosen and optimised to prevent bore glazing or bore polishing, whilst keeping engine components clean and protecting them from wear and corrosion.

The SAE 10W/40 classification makes the lubricant suitable for use in all canal boat engines where an SAE 15W/40 may be specified. SAE 10W/40 will flow more rapidly at low temperatures providing improved component protection.

Characteristics Golden Film
10W/40 Marine
SAE Viscosity 10W-40
Viscosity Index (VI) 150
Performance Level API: CC / SF
Zinc as ZDDP (ppm) 700
Base Oil Group Grp I & II
Detergent-Dispersant Package Low

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Weight 5 kg


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