Morris Race C40 (Formerly MLR 40)


An advanced SAE 40 castor blend for petrol and methanol applications (5 litre)

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Morris Race C40 is an engine oil manufactured from high quality first pressing castor oil.  Synthetic base fluids are incorporated to achieve SAE 40 classifications, which in turn help to reduce or eliminate the traditional problems of deposits and lacquers, usually associated with these types of oil. All of the advantages of a castor-based product have been retained, including a naturally higher and tougher film strength, very high load carrying capacity, better wetting properties and reduced power loss due to friction.

C40 is recommended for four stroke grass-track and classic machines where castor-based products are preferred.  These grades may also be suitable for premix use in two stroke applications with both petrol and methanol  fuels.
With the possibility of excess moisture being present when running on methanol, all Morris Race C grades contain corrosion inhibitors to help combat potential problems.

Important Note: These grades must not be mixed with any mineral oil product.

Characteristics    Morris C40   
SAE Viscosity 40
Viscosity Index (VI) 95
Performance Level N/A
Zinc as ZDDP (ppm) N/A
Base Oil Group Grp V*
Detergent-Dispersant Package Nil
Other *Also contains
vegetable oil

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