MotorSpirit 98 E0


Ethanol free fuel. Suitable for road or race use where pump fuel is required.  98 Octane  (54 litre drum)

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Motor Spirit is pleased to introduce our premium 54 litre drum of ethanol-free, 98 octane fuel – specially designed to meet the needs of vintage car enthusiasts and competitors, where race fuel is not permitted.  Our fuel is blended in the UK to provide optimal performance for classic cars, ensuring a smooth and powerful driving experience every time.

With zero ethanol content, our fuel prevents damage to your vintage car’s engine, preserving its original condition and extending its lifespan. Our high octane rating of 98 ensures efficient combustion and maximizes engine power, providing a reliable driving experience for car enthusiasts who demand nothing but the most dependable.

Our 54 litre drum offers ample fuel for your vintage car, providing convenience at a price that won’t break the bank for your next adventure.  Trust our premium fuel to deliver the quality and performance your classic car deserves.

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