Penrite 10 Tenths Shift Eze


Differential, and Gear Oil Additive (125ml)


Penrite Shift Eze is a Transmission and Gear Oil Additive formulated with PTFE (Teflon) and Molybdenum to improve shift quality of manual transmissions and quieten noisy drivetrain gear systems such as transfer cases and differentials. It improves cold changing performance and provides increased load protection for competition and extreme loading situations.

Shift Eze is designed for use in all types of manual transmissions, transaxles and transfer cases. It can be mixed with Mineral, Semi Synthetic and Full Synthetic gear oils including those that contain Limited Slip additives, and with engine oils used in manual gearboxes.

Shift Eze is ideal for everyday use in manual transmissions to improve the shift quality, including the cold changing performance of the gearbox. It can be used to treat harsh gear changing problems, excessive noise and gearbox whine and as an ongoing maintenance fluid at recommended service intervals to enhance transmission smoothness and gearbox life. It may also be used as a Limited Slip Differential Additive to prevent chatter and provide smooth operation of clutch-type differentials. It can be used with old or new gearbox fluid.

How To Use

Gearbox, Transaxle and Transfer Cases

  • For initial treatment – Add 250ml for every 2.5 Litres of gear oil.
  • For maintenance add 125ml per 2 litres of gear oil.
  • Pour contents directly into gearbox, transaxle or transfer case.


  • Add until differential chatter is removed.

Please Note

  • NOT SUITABLE for use where ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is used as manual gearbox fluid.
  • NOT SUITABLE for use in Motorcycle Gearboxes with Wet Clutch.
  • DO NOT use in Automatic Transmissions.
  • Product may change colour over time, depending on the frequency of exposure to air. This will not affect the performance of the product.

Shift Eze is a possible solution to:

  • Chatter (differential)
  • Humming (differential)
  • Whining (differential)
  • Shifting Noise (manual transmission)
  • Whining Noise (manual transmission)
  • Harsh Shifting (manual transmission)


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