Penrite 10Tenths Premium 10W-60


Fully Synthetic SAE 10W-60 High Performance Engine Oil (5 litre)


Penrite 10 Tenths Premium 10 is an SAE 10W-60, non-friction modified, modern engine oil. Utilising 100% PAO & Ester base oil to provide maximum heat resistance and high performance.
It contains an anti-wear package of over 1800ppm ZDDP, with Boron for ultimate engine wear protection.

Premium 10 is suitable for use in standard, and high performance engines, for both road and competition use.

Premium 10 exceeds requirements for API SN, and ACEA A3/B3,
 LPG and light duty diesel engines where API CF or ACEA A3/B3 is required.
Not suitable for diesel engines fitted with a DPF.

Premium 10 is non-modified, so is suitable for motorcycles with wet clutches.

Characteristics Penrite 10 Tenths
Premium 10
SAE Viscosity 10W-60
Viscosity Index (VI) 179
Performance Level API: SN / CF
ACEA: A3 / B3
Zinc as ZDDP (ppm) 1800
Base Oil Group Grp IV & V
Detergent-Dispersant Package High
Other *Zinc level + Boron level combined as a total
anti-wear package

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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