Penrite 10Tenths Racing 15


High performance fully synthetic SAE 15W-50, shear free racing engine oil; 2200+ ppm ZDDP (5 litre)

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Penrite 10 Tenths Racing 15 is a premium, 100% PAO (polyalphaolefin) & Ester, fully synthetic SAE 15W-50, shear free racing engine oil. It contains an anti-wear package of of over 2200 ZDDP with Boron for ultimate engine wear protection.  Comparable to the best American racing oils, at a more reasonable price.
Racing 15 is for use in high performance engines for both road and competition applications.  Racing 15 is a SHEAR FREE formulation that eliminates viscosity loss during extreme engine operating conditions ensuring the ultimate in protection for your engine.

Racing 15 exceeds the requirements of API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B3 as well as many manufacturers specifications.

It is suitable for use in four stroke motorcycles with wet clutches.  Racing 15 can be used with Petrol, LPG, avgas, nitro, methanol & other conventional fuels.

  • PREMIUM 100% PAO and ESTER full synthetic base oils for ultimate performance
  • FULL ZINC+ additive pack for wear protection
  • SHEAR FREE formulation eliminates viscosity loss
  • LATEST oil technology for less wear, sludge & piston deposits
  • COMPETITION PROVEN and trusted for performance engines
  • Suitable for mixed fuel types
  • Longer engine life by reducing engine deposits
  • Longer oil life in high performance vehicles
  • Protects engine at start up
  • High temperature protection
Characteristics Penrite 10 Tenths
Racing 15
SAE Viscosity 15W-50
Viscosity Index (VI) 169
Performance Level API: SN / CF
ACEA: A3 / B3
MB 229.1
Porsche GL
VW 502.00 / 505.00
Zinc as ZDDP (ppm) Exceeds 2200*
Base Oil Group Grp IV & V
Detergent-Dispersant Package High
Other *Zinc level + Boron level combined as a total
anti-wear package

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