Penrite 10TENTHS Racing Brake Fluid 600


Super Dot Four Plus Brake and Clutch Fluid, with a high temperature boiling point of 600 F or 316 C. (500ml)


Penrite 10TENTHS Racing Brake Fluid is a premium full synthetic, non-silicone, Super DOT 4 Plus Brake and Clutch Fluid for superior performance in severe braking conditions.

Designed for use in all types of systems, including, competition cars, trucks, motorcycles, go-karts and other racing vehicles in all forms of competitions including rally, circuit and drag racing. It is also ideal for high performance on and off-road vehicles requiring the ultimate high temperature brake and clutch fluid.

Penrite Racing Brake Fluid is designed for high temperatures with a boiling point of 600 F/316 C.

Do not mix with DOT 5 Silicone fluids.
Compatible with DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 Fluids

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