Penrite 4297 Transmission Additive


Power steering and automatic transmission additive to improve smoothness and decrease noise (150ml)

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Penrite 4297 is a top-treat additive formulated to alleviate shift problems in some older automatic transmission systems as well as manual transmissions that utilise an automatic transmission fluid (ATF). It can also be used to reduce noise & wear in power steering systems of passenger vehicles. PEN 4297 contains a balanced mix of additives including oxidation inhibitors and friction modifiers to alter the shift feel of many transmissions while providing for an improved margin of protection in others.

Penrite 4297 is formulated for use in the automatic transmissions of cars, originally requiring DEXRON® II or Mitsubishi SP fluids, to soften hard changes or other shift issues that may be occurring. It has been found to be particularly effective in the automatic transmissions of medium sized Japanese and Korean vehicles, such as early Mitsubishi Magna models, from TM to TP. It is not recommended for use in conjunction with more modern type ATFs.

Penrite 4297 is designed for use in GM and Ford vehicles that are fitted with the BTR T-5, 5 speed manual gearbox and derivatives.

Specific models include

Ford 1991-1995 Falcon, XR6
Fairmont EB-EF Series
Holden 1993-1995 Commodore, Calais VR Series
Penrite 4297 can additionally be used in heavy duty power steering systems such as Sheppard, to prevent metal to metal contact in the acme thread of the valve and shaft to reduce return and hard steer problems.

Penrite 4297 may also be used to alleviate baulking in manual transmissions that use auto transmission fluids.

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