Penrite Heritage LTM


A Light to Medium engine oil for early lubrication requirements (5 litre)

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A Light to Medium engine oil for early lubrication requirements such as total loss, wick feed, mechanical and early pressure fed systems up to 1920. For Veteran and Edwardian cars, stationary engines and agricultural machinery.  Contains additives to give extra adherence of the oil to engine parts when the engine is shut down and to protect against corrosion and rust when the engine is laid-up over the winter or for longer periods.

Characteristics Penrite Heritage LTM
SAE Viscosity 30
Viscosity Index (VI) 100+
Performance Level Pre API System
Zinc as ZDDP  1150
Base Oil Group Grp II
Detergent-Dispersant Package Nil
Other Includes corrosion protection & tackiness additive for lay-up periods

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Weight 5 kg


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