Penrite HPR15


15W-60 fully-synthetic, “full zinc” oil for high performance classic engines (5 litre)


Penrite HPR 15 is a premium, fully synthetic SAE 15W-60 engine oil.  It’s high zinc levels and Penrite’s advanced Extra Ten technology, create a double layer of engine wear protection.

HPR 15 is suitable for older petrol engines in all types of vehicles including conventional, multi-cam, multi-valve, turbocharged and supercharged engines. It can be used where SAE 15W-50, 20W-40 and 20W-50 engine oils were originally recommended by the manufacturer.

HPR 15 uses a combination of the latest additive technology and a low shear rate viscosity modifier, to ensure additional protection against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation, piston deposits and sludge under tough conditions.  Contains high zinc levels, and is formulated to be especially good at maintaining oil pressure under difficult conditions.

Not recommended for wet clutches.

Characteristics Penrite HPR 15
SAE Viscosity 15W-60
Viscosity Index (VI) 167
Performance Level API: SN / CF
ACEA: A3 / B4
Ford M2C153-E/902-A3
GM 6094M, MB 229.1
VW 502.00 / 505.00
Zinc as ZDDP (ppm) 1080
Base Oil Group Grp III
Dispersant Package
Moderate / High


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Weight 5 kg


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