Penrite MC4-ST 10W-60 (PAO Ester)


Full Ester synthetic motorcycle engine/gearbox oil, including wet clutches (4 litre)

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Penrite MC4-ST 10W-60 is a superior performance engine oil with 100% PAO & Ester fully synthetic base oils combined with the latest additive technology. It has a total anti-wear package of zinc and boron exceeding 1800+ ppm levels for maximum engine, gearbox & clutch protection against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation, piston deposits and sludge under all conditions. It exceeds the requirements of API SN/CF and JASO MA.

Penrite MC4-ST 10W-60 is designed for use in most modern four stroke road & sports bikes, dirt & enduro bikes, ATV’s/Quad bikes and 4 stroke scooters that require a full synthetic engine oil. It is equally suitable for use in transmissions with wet clutch systems where engine & gearbox oils are combined. It has optimum clutch slip prevention in these systems being compliant with JASO MA, and is suitable for use where JASO MA1 and JASO MA2 is specified.

The 100% PAO and Ester base oils, provide superior oil film strength, heat resistance and oil shear protection.  This provides an un-paralleled layer of protection for engine compression & oil sealing rings, cylinder sleeve lubrication, bearing and valve train.

MC4-ST 10W-60 features an extra high operating temperature viscosity for increased protection under load and high temperature operating conditions. It can be used where semi synthetic or other types of oils are specified by the manufacturer including where SAE 10W-50 and SAE 15W-50 grade oils are recommended such as in Aprilia, Benelli, Cagiva, Husqvarna, KTM, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta & more.

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