Penrite Shelsley Light


Engine oil for vehicles originally specifying a Light Grade Oil or a SAE 20 or 30 (5 Litre)


This low detergent engine oil intended for vehicles manufactured between 1920 and 1950.  Shelsley Light is a multigrade 20W60 oil specifically designed for prewar vehicles originally specifying a ‘Light’ Grade Oil or a SAE 20 or 30.

It is suitable for small capacity vintage engines relying totally on splash lubrication. As well as suitable for small capacity sleeve valve engined cars such as Minerva, Mors, Knight and Daimler.  Shelsley Light is ideal for use in early vintage (pre 1950) motorcycles, incorporating sight glasses, pilgrim oil pumps and total loss lubrication systems. It is suitable for use in motorcycles fitted with a wet clutch.

Shelsley Light contains a “Tacky Additive” so that when vehicles are laid up, the engine oil doesn’t run off the internal surfaces. This combined with an increased level of rust inhibitor, provides protection against corrosion and deterioration when the engine is not used or in storage

If you are concerned about the sensibility of multigrade oil in vintage engines, please call us to discuss.

Characteristics Penrite Shelsley Light
SAE Viscosity 20W-60
Viscosity Index (VI) 137
Performance Level API: SC / CC
Zinc as ZDDP 1400
Base Oil Group Grp II
Detergent-Dispersant Package       Low
Other Includes corrosion protection & tackiness
additive for lay-up periods

Penrite Shelsley Light is available with out Insight Motor Oil Analysis Programme – click here for more details.

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