Red Line Lightweight ShockProof


Fully synthetic gear oil with solid microscopic particles for racing differentials under moderate loads (US Quart)



Red Line Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil has a film thickness greater than an SAE 75W140, yet low fluid friction like 80W gear oil or 30W motor oil.

Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil offers excellent low-temp flow and improved cold shifting.

Suitable for racing differentials under moderate loads.

About ShockProof

  • Red Line ShockProof Gear Oils are a unique range of lubricants with solid microscopic particles to offer low drag/high protection.  The range is relatively low viscosity, yet cushions gear teeth under extreme pressure, helping to prevent tooth breakage and resisting throw-off
  • Avoid using ShockProof Gear Oils with pumps, coolers, and filters as the unique medium and affinity for metal can cause clogging
  • ShockProof Gear oils are designed for wet sump transmissions and differentials with splash lubrication.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg


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