Red Line Water Wetter


Unique agent for cooling systems that doubles the wetting ability of water (355ml)


Red Line WaterWetter is a unique additive for cooling systems that doubles the wetting ability of water. WaterWetter reduces or eliminates the bubbles or vapour barrier that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20°. It offers rust and corrosion protection and allows for the use of straight water in racing or reduced anti-freeze levels in warm climates.

Red Line WaterWetter improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head temperature.  It may allow more spark advance for increase power and efficiency.


  • Superior heat transfer properties compared to glycol-based antifreeze
  • Improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head temperature
  • Compatible with new or used antifreeze (including DEX-COOL and long-life versions) to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems
  • Designed for use with all modern aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze cooling systems
  • Cleans and lubricates water pump seals
  • Reduces cavitation and complexes with hard water to reduce scaling
  • Does not lower cooling system below the thermostatically-controlled temperature


  • Use one bottle (355ml) for most passenger cars and light trucks, treats 3 to 5 gallons / 13.2 to 15.9 litres
  • Vehicles with larger cooling systems should use two bottles
  • Small cooling systems should use 1oz / 30ml (3 to 4 capfuls) per quart / 946ml

Satisfies ASTM D2570 and ASTM D1384 corrosion tests for glycol-based anti-freezes.

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