Castrol D140


A heavy GL-3 specification gear oil for non-hypoid gearsets (1 litre)


Castrol Classic D140 is a high viscosity gear oil formulated with high quality mineral oils. It is fortified with an anti-oxidation and anti-wear additive to ensure that the oil is able to withstand the oxidising conditions which are present in gearboxes/ axles during service and to ensure that the gear teeth are protected against wear.

Classic D140 is suitable for the lubrication of most types of gears including helical, spur, bevel and worm; but must not be used for hypoid gears where API GL-4 or GL-5 oils are recommended. The high viscosity and type of additive system make it particularly suitable for use in older vehicles where some wear with age may have occured or where the lubricated application may contain sensitive metal (yellow) components (eg. brass/bronze).

We pack all orders with great care but cannot completely eliminate the risk of cosmetic damage to metal containers during delivery.  If you’re purchasing this Castrol product as a collectable item, you may prefer to collect from our Bicester store or next show (see ‘Ordering & Shipping’ for more details).

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