Millers Classic Pistoneeze P40


Monograde detergent oil for post vintage and classic engines (5 litres)

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High quality solvent refined monograde mineral base oil with the addition of a low-treat detergent and dispersant additive package.


  • Pistoneeze P40 is suited to veteran and vintage vehicles where a monograde is required and the owner is confident that there is no dirt and debris collected in the crankcase.
  • Also ideal for later vehicles built during 1940 to early 1960s with superior oil filtration systems which were designed to run on monograde oils with detergent and dispersant additives.


  • This monograde oil gives good oil control and no loss of viscosity due to shear.
  • The high level of wear protection and anti-oxidancy required in classic and mondern is provided.


Characteristics Classic Pistoneeze P40
SAE Viscosity 40
Viscosity Index (VI) 104
Performance Level API: SG / CD
Zinc as ZDDP (ppm) 1100
Base Oil Group Grp I
Detergent-Dispersant Package Medium


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Weight 5 kg


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