Morris AG90 Gear Oil


SAE90 light non-EP Gear oil (25 litres)


Golden Film AG Gear Oils are a range of mineral oil based lubricants, formulated without extreme pressure (EP) additives.  These oils have good natural film strength, anti-foam performance and long term stability.

Golden Film AG Gear Oils are suitable for use in equipment where the manufacturer specifies a non-EP lubricant.  Applications include:  manual gearboxes, axles, worm gear drives, oil lubricated bearings, reduction gears/hubs, chains, steering boxes, king pins, etc. Additionally, Golden Film AG Gear Oils are safe for use in transmissions that contain phosphor-bronze components.  This makes them ideal for classic and vintage cars, motorcycles, tractors, traction engines and commercial vehicles.

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Weight 21 kg


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