Penrite Radiator Flush


Cooling system cleaner designed to remove rust, scale and other deposits

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Penrite Radiator Flush is a fast acting (7 minute) Cooling System Cleaner designed to remove rust, scale, and other deposits from automotive cooling systems.

Suitable for use in passenger cars, 4×4’s light and heavy duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agriculture, mining, construction and stationary engines. For all types of coolant.
Radiator Flush will neutralise any leftover coolant remaining in the engine, eliminating compatibility issues if changing coolant types, and is harmless to all metals, rubber, plastic and seals.

Use 1 bottle (375ml) for up to 15 litres capacity.
Simply add water and Radiator Flush to your cooling system, turn on the engine and heater for 15 mins, allow to cool before draining, then refill with a suitable coolant.

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