Penrite Universal Top Up Coolant Premix


Penrite Coolant and Antifreeze Universal Top Up.  Designed to be safe and effective in all systems, and with all existing types of coolant (1 litre)


Universal Coolant Top Up is a Type A Anti-Freeze Anti-Boil Coolant Premix that can be mixed with ALL COOLANT and INHIBITOR TYPES including those that contain ethylene glycol and long life, low depletion rate inhibitors. It is specifically designed to not discolour existing coolant.


Universal Coolant Top Up is suitable for the cooling systems of all types of passenger vehicles, 4WD’s, light & heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, stationary engines and motorcycles. It can be used to top up Organic Acid Technology (OAT) & Hybrid Organic Acid technology (HOAT) Type A anti-freeze anti boil coolants as well as Type B inhibitor only solutions. It is safe to use wherever anti-freeze / anti-boil / anti-corrosion properties are required with all coolant types and brands.

Universal Coolant Top Up is light yellow tinted and will NOT DISCOLOUR existing coolant if not mixed at greater than 10% of system capacity. There is no limitation on the amount of Universal Coolant Top Up that can be used in the cooling system and it can be mixed with all coolants types regardless of colour.

Universal Coolant Top Up is a 50% concentration formulation and is ready to use directly from the container. It is pre-mixed with de-mineralised water and can be poured directly into the cooling system. No further dilution is required. It can be used as a complete service refill or top up. Penrite recommend that a 50% concentration level should be maintained for maximum, performance and longevity of the coolant and protection of the cooling system.

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